Wednesday, October 04, 2006

msn is poopy like trixter poopy

I never thought I would do it .. but I did. I created a msn hotmail account again. They are wanting to start using that MSN messenger at work now for some reason. I think it is so we can keep in touch outside of work as well? .. I am not sure, something like that anyway. I hate hotmail, it stinks. But hell, I will set it up anyway and then I will set up an account for leanne possibly. That way she can send me a message without calling me. I guess it has it's conviences

I am heading up to the farm for the day. They are setting up the basement for the new house that Leanne's brother is moving over and they need a couple of extra hands. I said I was going to help out as much as I can this week because after this week we are going to be severly short staffed and I still have to continue training someone, so taking a day off unless I am on my deathbed is likely not an option.

We continue on the hunt for the mouse. Strange thing.. there hasn't been any more signs of it (no poop has been found anyway) and I am keepin on lookin. But if they are gone, they are gone.. wishful thinking.

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