Saturday, October 21, 2006

give me a 'L', give me an 'I', give me a 'N', give me an 'O'. .. what's that spell!!! what's that spell!!!

Rob came over today and we got the linoleum done in the back porch entrance. Thank god that is done now. It is going to seem strange to go into the laundry room and not walk over the big roll of flooring that has been sitting there for the last year or so. Rob and I made a pretty good team. He did the work and I made the mess. I had that damn glue all over me. It got everywhere. There was even a moment when I put my hand against the wall to balance myself an then when I took it off I took some paint and a layer of the drywall underneath. That adhesive was pretty strong stuff.

It was great of him to help me. But I am sure I will be able to make it up to him when he is ready to finish drywalling his basement. He will likely regret it .. but I will definately help him out.

Leanne and I had a date last night and went and saw The Prestige. We both came to the same conclusion. Hugh Jackman is definately better looking as Wolferine.

Speaking of dates, Leanne and I now have a plan for our sixth wedding anniversary thanks to Maria!! We are going to go see the Just For Laughs Comedy Tour 2006 on the 10th. It looks like it will be a great show. We are both so excited to see the show!! THANKS MARIA!!!

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