Sunday, October 29, 2006

feel the base!!

Amy came over and we finished the baseboards at the back entrance of the house. Amy also finished the closet flooring for us as well. Unfortunately it seems that her knees have taken a beating for it. It's good to know that I am a pain in the knee as well as a pain in the ass!

The other good thing is that I actually got the annoying crack fixed between my hallway and kitchen. I had to take the baseboard off and rip a new asshole into the wall .. but thankfully the baseboard covers the mess that was had by that. The new people that are going to be buying my house better be happy with the baseboards that I put in the back porch and bedrooms .. because they sure aren't going to be able to remove them easily.

The real estate agent will be coming over to our house on Wednesday night and we will begin the first step of hopefully putting our house up for sale soon. Its going to suck to move in a way. I really will miss my house.


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