Saturday, October 28, 2006

house #3

We went an looked at a house today. The house was set at a not bad price but then when we looked inside I was quite disappointed. There was less room in the house then the one I am currently in right now. The only plus to it was the back yard that opened to a school area park. But other than that? .. crap. Now I understand why it was at the price it was set at. Avonlea is gettin better and better. This is now the thrid house that we looked at after deciding to move .. and the first 2 in Avonlea were waaaaaaayy better.

I guess part of the reason why I was really disappointed with it was because I always thought it was one of the cooler looking houses in Uplands when I was a kid. It was tall and had big huge windows on the side facing to the park. I always thought it looked so hip and modern. Since then they redid the outside of it and the huge glass walls on the back of the house were no longer there. Lets just say everyone who lived in Uplands remembered that house.. and now.. It's forgettable.