Thursday, September 07, 2006


Today is definately a dark day. I am miserable and moody and all I want to do is listen to metal. God bless Bill for lending me the Metal Blade compilation. Talk about a trip down memory lane.

Speaking about the metal blade compilation. Here is a video that is included in it. I always loved the song, but now when I realize how bad Johan Lanquist's hair is .. and how his "costume" doesn't really seam to cover his fat stomach..I kinda have second thoughts about my music tastes when I was a younger brat.. This is Candlemass with 'Mirror Mirror' from the album "Ancient Dreams". Prepare yourself...

Ah .. who the hell am I kiddin' .. I still think the song is great. One of the ugliest guys I have ever seen though.. He should have taken some makeup tips from King Diamond.

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