Sunday, September 17, 2006

another season finished. Now wait for TV

Leanne and I finished watching LOST.. and now. I am still lost. I am not sure if I said this before, but I am now waiting to find out that Stephano (from Days of our Lives) is behind it all.

We made a Lasagna for my family so we could get together and visit with my Aunt Gladys who was in from Ontario for the weekend. With my family .. the only way you can get everyone together is that food needs to be involved because that is the only way you can tear them from the TV. And .. depending what may be on, like the finale of Canadian Idol, that may not even work.

Tip: When making Lasagna, remember, cilantro is not parsley.

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Maria said...

Ah yes.
The wonderful time of the year when my family visits in the kitchen while I watch my shows in the living room.
Good times.

Cilantro actually makes a pretty good parsley.

Gilly said...

well .. it is known as the "chinese parsley" .. but still .. it ain't parsley

Maria said...

Quit worrying about it.
The lasagna was really really good!
It was just as good as the last lasagna I had that you guys made.