Saturday, September 16, 2006

do you wanna par tay!! .. It's party time!

Amy came over to party. What kind of partying you ask.. Well the best kind of partying. Installing laminate party!! Yes.. that is true. We finally got the flooring done in our bedroom. And thanks to Mango for picking up the baseboards from co-op since those bastards don't deliver on saturdays, and of course for lending me the brad nailer again. So we now have gotten rid of all the shitty carpent in the house, except for the back entrance.. and hell .. that entrance will be an accomplishment in and of itself when the time comes.

Thanks again to Dae and Rob for watching the kids!

Another bizarre thing happened, went to pick up the brad nailer from Mango, I got more than just that. I also ended up returning with a 27" TV.. It was like an episode of the twilight zone.

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Anonymous said...

Thanking Rob?? Who was the goddess who had all three kids taking a nap at the same time while Rob disappeared from the house at 10am till 6pm??

Gilly said...

Your right .. I take that back.

.. Got to hell Rob!!