Thursday, September 21, 2006

Metal Burger

Bill and Tony came over and we finally got a chance to watch that Metal documentary. It was really good. But it was a little too short. I guess that was the beauty of it though, it left me with wanting a little more.

Leanne make Rice Krispee Cake. Ahhh.. Not to mention she made the best burger I have ever eatin in my life for supper. I had to mention it in here only because I wanted to make special note of this day.

Listened to:



Lincoln said...

You seem to be listening to the cold roses a lot.

You enjoying my boy?

Gilly said...

Yeah .. that album is awesome. The more I listen to it the better it get's. It is reminding me of how Jayhawks 'Rainy Day Music' attacked me and I just kept listening to it more and more .. hmmmm .. actually I think I am going to listen that right now.

Lincoln said...

Another classic. I friggin love that Jayhawks album ! It actually is better to listen to when it's raining. Truth in advertising.

The only stupid thing about Cold Roses is that if he cut off, like, a minute, it would fit on one disc.

He's such a diva.
But then again, so am I. Maybe that's why he's my boy.

My new boy is Jason Collett. You should check him out if you get a chance. And by that I mean DO IT NOW.