Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It has come!!!

"Lost - season 2" came out on DVD today. This was a big thing for me because Leanne and I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. We watched the first episode tonight and we were right back into it. I thought the kids were never going to get to bed. It's going to seem like an eternity till we get to see the second show. We are going to be in for a culture shock when season 3 starts and we have to wait a week or more in-between episodes, or not to mention spinning through commmercials.

Speaking of television, the season premiere of House was fantastic as usual, the character change in House is interesting.. but I am not sure if it will last for long. and .."Big Brother".. what can I say .. Boogie is a baby. If he thought he was going to get some sympathy for that little throwing the compition and pouting like a three year old, he's got another thing comin'. Either Janelle or Erika deserves to win, but I am hoping Janelle wins it because of her game play. Erika f'd up in my eyes when she turned her back on Danielle. Boogie .. well he wouldn't even be in the final 3 if it wasn't for Will. Who still was the best game player again for a second year.


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