Sunday, September 03, 2006

.. gettin' better everyday..

Well. My bum is better. But I was still cramping every hour or so. I am still sore, but I think that was mostly from the all the crazy pushing yesterday. I was going to cancel the ultrasound, but I think I will continue with that since it is setup and it is better to be safe than sorry

To test myself we went to Strasbourg with my mom today. I have been wanting to visit my grandparents and great grandparents grave for some time now but I was never sure how to get out there. On the way back we stopped at the Snack Shack for a burger. Man .. I haven't been there since before my parents died. The place looked nothing like it did when I was there, but hell .. they sell some damn fine burgers.

Visted Bill and Wendy a bit for the evening and there was are day in a nutshell.

My groin is sore.



Maria said...

What the hell?!
When did our parents die?!

Gilly said...

oops .. simple typo. I was typing so fast that the keyboard couldn't see those first 5 characters.. (grand)

Maria said...

I know.
I think that I've been doing good the last little while resisting on teasing you on your typos but I just couldn't resist that one!
It was just way too funny!