Saturday, September 23, 2006

Real Estate BC Issa

We had a new real estate agent look at our place today. He mentioned that he should have no problem selling our house at a decent price and getting us into something new. See set us up with a mortgage lady and we are going to see her sometime next week. This way we can get more of an idea where we stand with the mortgage.

We went out for dinner with Kyle, Ang and Eve at Poverinos. Kyle noticed that there were members of the BC Lions there as well. (likely since they will be playing the Riders tomorrow night) Kyle was cute. It was like how I would be if I saw someone from some band I liked listening to. I am surpised that he did not go get their autographs though. Hell, if it was me and there was something I liked that much, I wouldn't care for how much I looked like an idiot.

People who has seen me when I am around Jane Siberry understand. I guess she is no longer Jane Siberry now though. She's Issa.

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Maria said...

Issa? What?

Gilly said...

Just what I said. The link to her myspace page is in the links.