Monday, August 21, 2006

Well we had an excellent weekend. We all went out to Wendy's parents cottage for the weekend. I can't remember where it is at the moment right now. The name slips my mind .. but if I think if it I will either edit this posting or add it to the comments. As you can see I didn't really put any postings over the weekend because I wasn't around, but I did post the tunes that I was spinning those days. You may be wondering why on some days (like today for example) I didn't post any "listened to" albums. This would be because I didn't listen to anything specific. Like I only either had the music playing randomly, blah blah blah.. you know what I mean..

Anyway .. as I was saying, we went up there on friday evening and came back late sunday evening. The four of us and the kids .. what fun. Here are some of the points I would like to mention that happened over the weekend:

- I had an actual real Smore for the first time.

- On Saturday when we went to Strasborg for fun, some fucker on a truck just barely missed us and nearly hit us head on when driving through Silton.
- We were looking for the tile rummy game and couldn't find it at all, but it magically appeared on the kitchen table on Sunday morning. Messing with all of our heads. None of us put it there. How it got there remains a mystery.
- Bill got me addicted to the War card game. We decided to start playing that because neither of us could really remember the rules of cribbage and we wanted to play something else other than the "Tic Tac Toe" board game that was wearing a little thin"
- I killed my ass sliding down a playground slide in Strasborg not realizing that the bottom of the slide didn't touch the ground while going down.
- Harley ran straight into a light post, exclaiming "I'm ok, Im Alright" and acted like nothing happened
- In the cabin on the wall they had some sort of "mexican fertility" mask artwork that helps couples to have children. Leanne was a little freaked out by it. I am not sure if it is true or not .. but it is interesting to note that I was hornier than I usually was.
- On the way home, I realized that the back door beside Harley was not closed properly and would have swung open if he would have leaned against it. When I pulled over, I could not break fast enough to stop in the corner and nearly drove into the ditch.

So that was the weekend in the nutshell. I am sure I could bore you with other things.. but I have to go. I have an episode of House that Leanne and I have to watch. Can't get enough of that show!

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