Monday, August 28, 2006

video crazy

As you have noticed. My last couple of postings have had some video clips. Now to save myself from posting a video clip every day and drive some people nuts (including myself).. .which still can easily get into the habit of mind you. I decided I will put up a link to my YouTube page. In this world I shall be known as xtcrox On this page you will see my favorites that are listed, an maybe in the future I will upload some Lungbutter stuff or something for all to love and enjoy. That will be dependant upon me ever getting the chance to put it up there.

Ahmad was also telling me that he has a webcam that he could lend me as well.. hmm .. maybe I shoulf try that. Wouldn't that be interesting. Might not be a bad idea... I could possibly get Harley or Talya posted on it or something.. hahaha..


But .. as with the YouTube website. You can easily get addicted to that page. I have never thought I would find so many interesting things. There is also where I found out that Terry Bozzio playing drums for the Fantomas for a while. WTF!!! .. that was mind blowing. So if you have never been there (which I am sure that you have unless you live in a box) then I highly suggest you go check it out. It is awesome.

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