Tuesday, August 22, 2006

snoopin through the floppies

I came across a couple of my old journal entries that I had on a floppy disc. Since this Blog page is pretty much my journal in a way, I thought I would add them to the archives. There are 4 entries from May 31 to June 3rd 2000. You can see in them that I am fairly twitterpatted with my wife. But .. hey can you blame me? Other than changing a couple of things, I pretty much left them as they were. If I come across any other entries .. I will likely post them up here as well.

Amy came over to play this evening. She brought M&M ice cream!! mmmmm mmmm.. Funny thing though. When she came I didn't realize until after I opened the door that I didn't have any pants on.

I hope I didn't get her hopes up ..hahaha

I did have underwear on though.. not like this one time when leanne and I would living in the apartment in uplands. I open the front door to grab the paper, and with the door WIDE OPEN and am going .. ahhhh.. nice day .. hmm .. seems a bit breezy .. I close the door, and then I realized I was still completely stark naked.

I am sure that the neighbours had nightmares that evening.

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