Wednesday, August 30, 2006

..smiling with the memories.

Yeah I know.. I know .. another video post.. but hey! There are so many great things on that website can you blame me? Not to mention that I have to take advantage of it while it is here. Not all good things last forever. Remember Audiogalaxy? Man those were the days. So is this video

This was a very infectious song for me in it's day. Hell it still is even this day. Velocity Girl's Simpatico is an awesome album .. and so is Copecetic for that matter.. Hmm .. I think I may have to go out and purchase them. I realize that those are two albums that I don't have in my collection at all. Shit man .. Gil! .. get it together!

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Lincoln said...

Okay, Velocity Girl is one of the best &^%$ing bands ever !!! I &^%$ing love them !! If I ever meet them, I'm going to rip out their eyes and say "THANK YOU!! Thank you for making such excellent ^%$#ing music !!!

Add Gilded Stars and Zealous Hearts to your list. It was their last album.

If there was any justice in the world, this band would still be around.

Well done, Gil.

Gilly said...

Does this mean that you love and respect me again?

Lincoln said...

I never stopped.

By the way, I had no idea Scott was VG's drummer.

Keep the videos of bands I like coming.

Fan of Bert said...

Or that Brett was the guitar player!