Friday, August 18, 2006

New and Improved!

As you notice my site has had a face lift. If you didn't notice then that is even better because that means that it was worth all the work that I pooted on it.

It interesting how some things fall into place and other things don't. It's those things that don't that make you feel secure and safe but at the same time, ignorant and intelligent. How much so you may ask? Well that is something that I will still have to adventure into and find out for myself at the same time.

I feel like typing but I really don't know what to type about. It is interesting to think that you are reading this right now after the fact that I typed it all out though I am not sure what the next word is going to be. Except for this one.. and the one that I just said before it. See I didn't know at the time but I did when I did it. Get it? It is that whole ignorance intelligent thing that is back into play again.

Ignorance is bliss ... please god let me stay ignorant.

"Colonel Sander's is so freaky without his Saran Wrap" - Megan Nell

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