Friday, August 25, 2006

sleepless nights

I booked today off from work as a vacation day. It's a good thing that I did. Talya ended up being up all last night keeping us awake. Leanne is sleeping right now and I just got Talya off to bed sleeping again. She is going through a very intense teething stage and what sucks about it right now is that we don't have any Infants tylenol or anbesol to relieve the poor girls pain. I am going to go out first thing this morning when the stores open up. Actually. Now that I am typing this .. talya didn't sleep long at all.. i am listening to her on the baby monitor. She seems in good spirits though, just talking to herself right at the moment and making coocooing sounds.


We bought Harley some shoes today. Superman Shoes. He picked them out himself. They were the first ones that he saw.. and that was that .. they were the ones he wanted. It was at that time Leanne and I realized why he always wanted to wear his rubber boots. His old pair was size 8 and now he fits a 10! .. yeesh

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