Thursday, August 03, 2006

aarrgh.. I hate computers!!

OK.. get this.. So the computer is working sweet now because of the hard drive.. and then this morning, I go to it and the video screen is completely frozen. After much bitching and cussing this morning again, I realized that the fan on my video card was dead still .. and the card was hot enough to roast beef on it. Luckily work had a couple of extra ones and I was able to buy one on my "conveeeeeeeenient" payroll dedction program. It is only a 16MB card .. but it was only 15 bucks. Can't complain. And .. it's a dual card .. so .. maybe I will get another monitor... hmmm.. My original card was a 64MB .. but hell I don't need that powerful of a card anyway. I don't play games on it or anything. But If I had the time to start .. then hopefully I would have the money to by a new video card.. but that won't happen anytime soon. So this one will do just fine.

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Rob Zombie: Educated Horses

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