Sunday, July 16, 2006


Went to the farm today. Unfortunately for Harley he was not able to enjoy it. I think my son has succumbed to the wonders of heat stroke. When we left for the farm this morning we tryed to leave earlier in the day since I don't have air conditioning in the car. But it was still hot as a bitch in heat and just when we were pulling up into the farm .. Wwwhhoorrrfff.. Harley puked. For the whole rest of the day he pretty much just laid in bed and tossed his cookies a couple of more times. Then around 7pm when it was cooling down, he was back to normal Harley. I don't like seeing him sick. It is just not right not to see him in his total goofy state. Especially when he is at his favorite place in the world. I finally got him to pass out to sleep for the evening. Hopefully this doesn't screw up his sleep schedule too much.

Listened to:
Jack Johnson & Friends - Curious George
Robert Earl Keel - Farm Fresh Onions

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