Tuesday, July 18, 2006

pics from hema

Hema send me some pictures from when he was in town a couple of weeks ago. I thought I would share some of them.

Here is my favorite picture of the bunch. Isn't she an angel?

This is a picture of Scott. Say hello Scott. He wasn't really talking to anyone at this moment. He was looking off into the distance and concentrating on his future egg creation for the bruch. As you can see here, for Scott, making eggs is serious business. He must not be disturbed when he is in this mode.

"Eggs!!" - Scott Thompson

I don't think I will ever completely understand what Harley will be up to.

Harley and Talya together. One of the few times that Harley was actually willing to take a picture with his sister. He love's his sister, but don't let him know that.

Here is Leanne and Amy, when we were at bushwakkers. This picture was taken milliseconds before Hema passed out from drinking too much. Hence the falling angle..

Introducing... Mr. & Mrs. EXTREEEEEEEMMEEE!!!

Listened to:
Kiss - Greatest Kiss


Maria said...

I just absolutely adore that picture of Harland sitting in the deck chair! I could just eat him up! (And yes, the one of Talya is pretty cute too.)

Hema (camera man for first Lungbutter album) said...

Just for clarification...Bert took that picture. He also took the picture of Harley and Tal. I took the rest. And you said i couldn't take a picture. In the words of Lucy, "I know when I've been insulted! I know when I've been insulted!"