Friday, July 14, 2006

Ipsco park

We took the kids to ipsco park after work for a picnic, it has been quite a number of years since I have been there and I was quite impressed how they are still upkeeping it. I took harley down the big slide a couple of times. He thought it was awesome. The only thing that sucked about it though is that we probably cut our "times going down the slide" in half because Harland demanded that he walk up the stairs. Oh yeah .. and the train was under repair, so Harley wasnt able to go for a ride. .. .. and .. oh yeah .. the big dissappointment for me was that they didn't have the big elephant balls anymore .. so that sucked.

Unfortunately for Harley through, I think the slide might have been too much for him after eating because he threw up not that long after the slide. ... at least the geese seemed to enjoy it.

Listened to:
Billy Joel - The Complete Hits Collection

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