Monday, July 24, 2006

Happy 40th Skullbuttons!!

William John "Skullbuttons" Hunter officially turned the big 4-o today.

.. and I think the temperature was about the same.

We went to Wendy and Bill's for some skullcake and ice-cream.

mmmm..... skullcake...

I would show you pictures .. but I didn't have a digital camera to take any. Someday.

One a sidenote... Brett's page is up .. and its pretty cool. I will add him to my links on the right soon. I can't see myself giving up blogger and joining in though.. .. but you never know I guess. I noticed Hema had a page there to. Funny details.


Hema said...

I don't really have a page on myspace. It's just that I wanted to see some of the pictures linked to Brett's site and you needed to be a member to do that. That's why all my info is wrong...I just selected random answers to the personal questions. I did add a photo so that people had something to look at when they saw my name on Bert's page.

It was more effort than I expected just to see hot ppictures of Brett's sister.

bert said...

Hey now. Just you shut your mouth. By the way Hema, I still have your Alexei Sayle record.

The Hema said...

David Bowie has my Alexei Sayle record? How cool is that!