Friday, July 07, 2006

Extreeeeeeme! Wedding !!!

So, the doctor went pretty good. Everything is good, in fact I am physically healther than I was before other than the prostate problem. There was a bit of infection. The doctor pretty much told me that I have to ejeculate more to clean out my system. .. I think I can handle that. .. man and to think I was going to have to severly change my diet or somethin.

Went to bushwakkers last night with Leanne, Hema, Amber, Brett, Merv and Amy. It was good times. I broke Brett's glasses, but that is ok.. I made a deal with Amy to pay Brett back :) So Happy Birthday to Hema and Scott. It was their birthday yesterday. It was a good that we left when we did .. because I was getting pretty looped.

Today is a filled day. This morning began with making breakfast. Leanne, Hema and Amber went to do some shopping and stuff and I took the kids to go see my cousin Jeff and his two girls at the hotel, we then went for lunch along with my aunt Glady, uncles Don and Elmer and Maria. We just got Harley and Talya down for a nap and I just finished taking a shower while lily is taking one now. We then have to go pick up the dry cleaning and ...

GO TO THE EXTREME WEDDING!!! of Colin and Meg this evening .. it is going to be fun!!! I am not too sure whether or not if I am going to do some Karaoke. but I may .. I guess we will have to see how drunk I get .. .. yeah right.

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