Sunday, July 23, 2006

arrrggghhh .. I'm melting!!!

The thermostat in our house is currently reading 32.5. I snuck into the basement to cool down and make my blog posting for the day. Thou it won't be long because Leanne is fighting to get the kids to try to sleep. I don't blame the kids though because it's hard to go to sleep when you are not comfortable. It's going to be a long evening.

Saw Dae and Rob for a little bit today. Things are going great for them! Autumn is such a beautiful little girl and growing like a weed. Daelynn was all gaga over Talya. With the way she was acting I think Autumn will have a baby sister in no time. Daelynn had a funny story about popping the tire on her new Matrix and messing up a bit of the body and the rim while they were on their vacation.. But maybe she can tell it on her blog? Hint Hint Hint

On a side note: Bert has now started a blog page. I am not posting it yet though because it doesn't work. Crappy myspace. Blogger is the only way to go.

Blog pages make more sense then just sending jokes. Feel the love in Blogger!.. him.. I think I might have something here.. I think I should start some ad campaigns for them. hahaha

Listened to :
Sheavy - Blue Sky Mind
Sheavy - The Electric Sleep


bert said...

Well, i would agree that myspace sucks for the moment. They had a power outage last night and some people have lost some info. Me included. They assured me that they are fixing it. So, anyone who checked it out and there was nothing much there, check again tomorrow. Thanks Gil.

Cindy said...

Mike said the old sack is sticking to the leg it's soooo HOT!!!!!!