Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Leanne

Happy Birthday Honey.

I know you are wanting to kill me know because I put a picture of you up .. but isnt that what love is all about?

From know on to mark this momentus occation. I will post my favorite quote from my wife. I will try to post more quotes in the future for all to enjoy and that they don't get wasted. There have been some great ones in the past.. and unfortuately I did not write them down.

"If there was any good time for Jesus to come back it would be now. And if he does come back he should be packing some heat." - Leanne Beck

Listened To:
Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante


Bert said...

Happy Birfday Leanne.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Leanne!!!!!!

Love Mike, Cindy and Tyler

Maria said...

Oh I am sure that Leanne just loves you for that picture! It's not the best pic of her.

Amy said...

But her hair looks awesome in it, and that's what counts.

Maria said...

Well that's true.