Monday, May 15, 2006

Definition of Fun

Going to work when you got the shits.

..At least I have an extra pair of pants this time.

In Other News..

Last weekend was filled with excitement. (sarcasm)
I ran over a guy's bike. Completely crushed his tire and I am not sure if there was any other damage or not. I took the bike to western cycle to get repaired. I guess we will see what happens.. So far I know that the new wheel and the tuneup will be a 100 bucks. There was more body damage to my car. Thankfully it's a cluncker.

It was totally bizarre though.. He appeared out of nowhere. I was making a right turn onto broad street from 2nd ave north. Everything was clear and then .. crush!!. Leanne nor I even seen him. Luckily he's ok and everything. He didn't seem to take any damage. So that's good.

I didn't think of this until now.. but he wasn't wearing a helmet. I wonder why? He might be buying one now.