Friday, March 10, 2006

It finally happened!!

Yes.. I speak the truth! I got my cupboard doors up in the kitchen. It happened about a month ago actually ... but I finally got the chance to mention it now. Herman gave me a hand, or should I say .. he did it himself.. and all my cupboard mess is finally covered up.

It has been over two months already since Talya was born. Time is flying and I can't even think. We all just got over the flu and it has been pretty intense. We were all aboard the Barf-bus.

There has been a lot of things happening and no time to even think about saying it..

I will have to say though.. I think I have discovered that I am what a white trash person would be like if they are sober. They sure look at you funny at wal-mart if you are buying grocery necessities at would with rolls of nickels and pennies.

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Shelley Salinas said...

Okay so seriously you took the rolls of pennies to the store??? Whatever works for you I guess, just kidding!! So according to what you've been saying I shouldn't hire you for cabinetry work.....