Monday, March 27, 2006

The Hustler channel rulez

Well I have the Internet at home again .. yay!! So I am hoping I will get a chance to update my blog more often. If I don't update my blog, then I won't remember any of these find memories. This is my diary. I have to use it.
Like right now for example. No better time than now to share with my friends that my daughter just finished projective vomiting about 10 minutes ago. Good Times! We are not sure if she is sick with something or if she just ate too much. It was quite a mess though. She seems to be in good spirits. I am thinking it was just a mixture of being gassy and full.
This last weekend was quite enjoyable. Let's give a breakdown, shall we??

FRIDAY (24th): I would like to wish Cooper a happy 1st birthday. It's hard to believe that a year has passed already. We have not seen him as much as we would like to but love goes out to my dog Tony for being a kick ass dad and Cathy for being an awesome mom. (..did I just say dog?? .. Damn that American Idol) I remember when they first told us that they were expecting and where a little scared. But they pulled through awesome and with all they have been through in the last year only has made them stronger I believe. I can't see anything knocking those two down.

SATURDAY (25th): I would also like to wish Hazel a happy 50th birthday as well. We were over there on Saturday evening. Good times had by all. The only thing I regret is not getting drunk. HAHAHA. Actually. I don't like the aftermath of getting drunk so .. I don't. At least I am a cheap drunk when I do though. (.. hey .. always got to look at the positive side of things). During the day Bill & Wendy took Harley out to see that movie Doogal. I guess he did pretty good but thought it was time to go when he was finished his popcorn. Can't blame him though, I heard the movie sucked. Leanne, Maria and I went to look at some showhomes in the afternoon. My sister bought us a ticket for the RPL home lottery. Both Leanne and I were awestruck that she did that. She when to go buy a ticket and then told the lady to put it in our names. When my sister does things like that it makes me feel like a complete heal. I feel like I don't "show" my appreciation and love for her as much as I should. I hope she knows that I would do anything for her but I can't let her know that. Granted there are not as many prizes to win on this one and the house doesn't include the furnishings, I still like the house a lot more that the main home lottery that eveyone buys tickets for. It's more practical for a family in my opinion.

SUNDAY (26th): We went out to the farm to celebrate Leanne's Dad's birthday. Were were unable to make it out there last week due to the weather. And with the way the weather was on the way home we almost decided to turn back. There was a couple of sections where I was completely snowblind. I couldn't see the street or anything. I just drove straight and hoped that we weren't going to hit a curve in the road. We made it back alive though.

Which I guess pretty much brings me back to right now. I am going to go back to bed now. Hopefully we will keep in touch. Lori took a couple of cool pictures of Harley at the farm. Lori, if you are reading this, please send them too me so I can post them on the blog page. Hopefully I will get more pics in the future for all of you as well.

Listened to:
Ween - Live In Chicago

Friday, March 10, 2006

It finally happened!!

Yes.. I speak the truth! I got my cupboard doors up in the kitchen. It happened about a month ago actually ... but I finally got the chance to mention it now. Herman gave me a hand, or should I say .. he did it himself.. and all my cupboard mess is finally covered up.

It has been over two months already since Talya was born. Time is flying and I can't even think. We all just got over the flu and it has been pretty intense. We were all aboard the Barf-bus.

There has been a lot of things happening and no time to even think about saying it..

I will have to say though.. I think I have discovered that I am what a white trash person would be like if they are sober. They sure look at you funny at wal-mart if you are buying grocery necessities at would with rolls of nickels and pennies.