Wednesday, December 21, 2005

My car got broken into

Well strike up another one for the stupid things that happen to me list. I get out to start the car this morning and my steering column was all smashed up and my ignition cover was broken off, pieces on the floor in my car. Luckily with Luminas though they have an theft protective cover on the inside so they can't just start the car with a screwdriver like in the oldmobiles. I will however be putting my club back on the thing as soon as I can recover the key's for the damn thing.

My neighbor's car got broken into as well, she also has a lumina and the same thing happened to her. Unfortunately though, her back window got smashed as well.

The CDs that were in my car were scattered on the seat of the car but none of them were taken. As my wife's sister-in-law said. "Well I guess it's a good thing that Gil listen's to weird music"

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