Thursday, December 01, 2005

just when things weren't dumb enough already.

So I heard on the news that the pubic school board is wanting to close 11 (or so) elementary schools and one high school in Regina. .. and turn the high school into a "super elementary school". The thing that really sucks about this is that it is affecting the schools that I went to when I grew up and the ones I was planning for my children to go to that is 2 block down to my house.

Christ sakes. Well I guess the value of the house that I just purchased is going to plummet. Wonderful.

See what happens I guess. I have to find out more information so I can give my 2 cents.

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Butcher said...

A product of an aging population and mass exodus of youth. Hope that helps ....

Maria said...

Yeah, but it's stupid to close Robert Usher because there isn't any other high school closer than Thom for that area. Why don't they just redo one of the elementary schools into the "jumbo elementary school"? They are all so close in proximity that the kids could get to them easier.

Bert said...

Yeah Gil. This is bugging me too. My niece is finally enjoying High School and this happens. I agree with Maria. Imperial has so much space on Broad street. I think a temporary solution would be to add all of the pod classrooms available from the closing of the elementary schools to it. That is if they have any. I suppose traffic on Broad will pick up, but then access could also be made from the street just west of the school.

Lincoln said...

I posted first, but obviously did something wrong and it never showed up. This really freaked me out, because I went to the same schools you did, so it hits me hard, too. But then I got over it, because it's really such a small part of life. The thing that sucks is that if it happens, then you (Gil) get screwed right now. All those kids will never fit into one of those schools, and there's not much else you can do with a giant building like Usher. Those portables are colder than %^$* in winter, so that doesn't work. This sucks the most for you, Gil, and your family, and I hope something good happens somehow out of this.

Gilly said...

There used to be a time when I really enjoyed getting screwed. But that was only with women. Now getting screwed this way really sucks.