Thursday, December 22, 2005

The best way to punish my son? An Accordion

Yup .. an accordion. A little while back I found a toy accordion that my friend John gave me for Christmas one year (.. or was it my birthday?) and I found it in a box while I was sorting through some of my stuff. I decided to start playing with it and I thought I will play this for Harley! ..yeah! he'll get a kick out of it for sure. So I go and show it to Harley and he's all interested. But then when I pulled it apart and started to make "wonderful music" with it .. he absolutely freak out! Screaming and crying."NOOOOOO!!!"

Ever since then I have been using it as my "whippin' belt". Where as kids in the old days would hear, "Don't make me get the belt!!" and they would shake in fear.
All I have to say to my son is "I'm gonna get the Accordion!!"
"Noo!!!" .. and suddenly. he's an angel.

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Anonymous said...

You know Rudy is being a police officer is required to report cruel and unusual punishment to children......Shelley