Friday, December 30, 2005

almost.. but not quite

Leanne had a close call the other day.. She went for an appointment and the doctor sent her to the hospital for some monitoring which turned into an overnight stay as well. I guess it was because her blood pressure was too high and it was possible that the baby was in stress. It looked like they were going to induce her, but then they decided not to. In the last week she had gained 10 lbs and her stomach went from a 39 to a 42. I am honestly surprised that she has not exploded yet. Her tummy is at the point of the fullest expansion possible and it looks like it can pop like a balloon if you poked her with a pin.

Oh well day by day it will continue. You never know .. maybe it will be a new years baby? .. I really can't see her making it to the due date of Jan 4th.

Happy New Year everyone if I don't get a chance to give an update by that time.

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