Tuesday, November 01, 2005

..the soup nazi's new friends

It would be great to be a kid and have no fear for anything. Last night, when we were giving out candy for Halloween, there was this kid who was dressed up as a pumpkin (prob about 5 yrs old or so) who knocked. I opened the door and the kid walked right in and started playing with Harland's Toys! It fucked me up so much I didn't have a clue what to do and he mother stood at the door all embarrassed and tryed to call him back. But here we both were, the mother was too shy to come into the house to get her kid.. and I was to shy to smack the kid up the side of the head and tell him to leave my sons toys alone. So I kind of took the phone out of his hand and turned his body over so he would see his mom and clue in that he was to go back with her. That is about what I remember from it. Maria was there .. maybe she could comment and add her view of what happened.

What the hell is it with weird things like that happening to me. It's good to know that I am not the only one though. My neighbor from across the street was telling me an incident that she had the "Flyer Lady" as well. They have been working on their house and have been redoing the siding on it. Since they are doing this they have not had a mailbox by their door. For the last 4 weeks they haven't been getting the flyers but haven't really thought of it.. until last week when they happened to be outside when the "Flyer Lady" came by..
"You don't have a mailbox!", she said
"Yeah, that's alright", my neighbour said you can just hand the flyers to me an.."

Since then she now has the new name of "The Flyer Nazi"

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Maria said...

The kid was probably 3 1/2 or 4. For sure not any older than 4. But I don't think he was quite all there......if you know what I mean.

Funny, very funny.

Confused Gil at his finest. I sure wish I was video taping at the time. Oh well, my heart took a video.

Anonymous said...

We weren't getting our flyers either and we have a mail box. Damm Flyer Nazi's!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One summer afternoon we were transplanting some of our crop of home grown mongolian mind f**k pot.
It was some of the most amazing pot I had ever smoked and was actually able to grow a plant that was over five feet tall with nine pointed leaves but anyhow back to the story.
We had friends over for coffee that saturday afternoon and were transplanting our " rope " plant when someone came to the door,
I just thought it was a canvaser or some kid selling melted candybars or something, the person that I had never seen before pushed his way in while shaking my hand and proceded to the kitchen the whole time being very hyper and excited came up to my friend and shook his hand and called him by name, grabbed a coffee and said oh what ya doin here transplanting your dope I see well don't let me stop you.
The whole time I am asking my friend who the hell is this and he keeps saying it's Bob it's Bob...
Finally I look outside and see our other friends laughing so hard they are having kittens, they come in finally and introduce bob to us( a friend of theirs from way back, a practical joker big time joker, that I knew from reputation only)
They come in and are mortified to see that I am transplanting some of the wildest pot that ever existed and how much more funny it was than they thought.