Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sounds as good as it Smells

Well. It finally happened. I am spinning Vinyl again. YYEEEAAAAAYYYYY!!!

Hema's awesome girlfriend Amber found it in her heart to lend me her turntable since now that Hema and Amber moved in together they didn't have any need for 2 turntables in the house.

It all started a couple of days ago when I received a call from the bus depot to come and pick up a package. It was a package from Hema and Amber addressed to "The Beck Family singers" with a note at the bottom that said "Give Your Nose a Rest". I was wondering what the hell the package was since it had FRAGILE written all over it. I never thought in a million years it was going to be a turntable... but did I laugh after I saw that it was and the nose comment hit me.

In case you didn't know all I have been doing with my records for the past eon was smelling my records. That is until now!!! well .. that is after a depressing last couple of days of having the turntable here and not being able to listen to anything because the needle got damage in shipping. Not to mention the cartrige that was on the turntable had an odd buzz to it. I didn't think it was a correct one, not to mention it bared the name realistic (or is it spelled realisick?)

Anyway, leanne was really sick today so I took the day off work and did a bunch of stuff with harley today. I just got him to pass out for his nap and he is sleeping with his mom right now so I am now at the library typing this since I didnt get a chance to come here earlier.

While I was out and getting my check and paying bills and such, Harley and I went to Harry's Hi-fi and hung out there for a little while. Harry is the man! He directed me to a correct cartrige to use. (I cant think of the name right now but I noticed it was made in Denmark) He also said that it was likely the cartridge that was causing the bad ground and that if by freak chance this one was still buzzy that he would look at the turntable and set it up for me. Well I got it home and switched it. And ***enter sounds of singing angels here*** it works like a charm!! The first album I played was "Sting - Nothing like the sun" . Amber is going to likely hate me for that because she hates The Police and all .. but I have been dying to listen to it for years.

Well my time is now running out and I got to get going .. but now this means that I will have a new color under the listened to when I put them. Anytime I listen to something on vinyl I am going to put it in purple just like the ones you will see below.

Till next time kids!! .. Amber .. thanks again .. you are awesome .. let me know if you want to sell the turntable.

Listened to:
Sting - Nothing Like The Sun
Man or Astroman? - Eviac
Mike Oldfield - Ommadawn
XTC - Oranges and Lemons
Frank Zappa - The Man From Utopia (Well this one not yet .. but I will before the day is over)

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Butcher said...

I am sure you'll find another use for your nose...