Wednesday, November 30, 2005

christmas tape

Was out Christmas shopping today and they had a deal at Sears that if your purchases go over 50 dollars you can get a Christmas CD for 99¢. We were purchasing an item for 49.99 and the lady was going to give the disc to us for that price but then unexpectedly the item we were purchasing was 15 bucks off. So then the lady said that she couldn't give the disc to us for 99 cents. So I said that's ok .. (it only had 10 tracks on it).. it's not worth the full price to me. (which was 7.99) The lady then disagreed with me and said "well actually it's a pretty good tape"
"Well that's interesting", I said ".. since it's a CD) (you don't know how near I came to jumping all over that one.. pft.. tape..).
"well you know what I mean" she continues.
"no . that's ok . don't want it"
"I will give it to you for a dollar still"
"Alright fine"
We took the disc and left.

On the way home we were listening to the disc and this song came on that was just horrible, and it was soooo depressing. I said, "Leanne? Who the hell is this? Check the case!" She checks the case and it was Jann Arden. No wonder both of us thought. Hell.. everything that I hear from that woman makes me want to stab my ears with a fork. She can't even write a happy Christmas tune.
"If I knew she was on it.." I say to my wife. "I wouldn't of even waisted a dollar"
"That's ok Gilly" She clicks to the next track, "The Cocoa Butter guy is on here"
Aaron Neville starts singing. We both laughed hard.

Good times.

Listened to:
V/A - Sears Holiday Wishes - Songs for the Season
Optiganally Yours - Spotlight On:

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