Friday, October 21, 2005

Well things are going.. as to be expected

Our realtor gave us tickets to go see the new Wallace and Gromit movie at the theatre. Harley enjoys watching the short films all the time. So hopefully he will enjoy this. He seemed to do ok at Madagascar when we tool him there. Hopefully this won't be too different for him.

Nothing overly exciting has happened. It's pretty much the usual. Go to work, go home, do stuff, yada yada. I am hopefully going to be able to attack the bedroom this Sunday and get it done. Amy offered to help so that would be pretty cool.

The weekend help that I was going to be getting from my brother was kinda short lived. Not because he doesn't want to help .. just because he got a new job and he is working the weekends.

Last weekend I helped him move stuff to the apartment. All I can say is that if you have lived in a house for 15 or so years and then you are moving to an apartment, you will notice that there isn't that much in the line of "apartment friendly" furniture. But it was all done. I am hoping to see them a little more settled in tomorrow when I go there. My bother can't seem to remember how he had his stereo configured so he could play his Gamecube. So I will give him a hand.

Leanne and Mom are making a "belated" thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. So that should be good. She made a Chocolate Cheesecake this morning. It was pretty hard to leave it alone. It was cute. While Leanne was making it, Harley set himself up at the kitchen table waiting to be served the "yummies". Let's just say he was pretty upset when he realized that he was not going to be getting it right away.

I gotta get me a turntable someday. I finally grabbed my vinyl from mom's house and brought it to it's new loving home. Even though I am not going to be able to listen to any of it. It makes me comfortable to see it there. And smell it. hmmmmm .. ah .. peaceful.

Hema was right. I was always going to regret selling some of the records I did now almost ten years ago. At least I still have the ones that I have though. I really miss my 45's. I gave them to my x-fiance's uncle. He had a jukebox. and .. well at the time .. I thought I could have possibly inherited it. Well .. I was wrong. But in the full scope of things, sure I may not have the 45's anymore.. but I have my current wife and son (and future child of course) and they are worth a lot more then some crappy old jukebox that I probably would have lost in the divorce that WOULD have happened if I did go through with the marriage at the time.


Bert said...

I think i can safely say that myself, and all of your friends, thank the forces that be, that you did not end up marrying Geddy Lee. Hey that rhymes. Feel free to use it in one of your songs.

Maria said...

Why do you call her Geddy Lee?

Bert said...

I'm sorry. I meant to say Shirley. I get the two of them confused.

Gilly said...

Yeah .. hindsight I wished I had sex with Geddy Lee