Wednesday, October 05, 2005

*sigh* .. no turkey for gilly..

So we have been working on the house when we can. So far we have Harley's new room painted blue. Amy was superawesome and gave us a hand. It is always great to get help when I can because I am really running out of time to get this shit done. I have purchased some more base boards that matched what I have in the livingroom and the kitchen so now I can hopefully have the hallway done with the laminate floor soon. Leanne and Harley are going to go to the farm for Thanksgiving this weekend while I stay behind and get as much done as I can. The thing that sucks though.. is now that the weather is getting colder, I am going to need to have a location somewhere in the house for the table saw. Not looking forward to getting the sawdust all over .. but whatchagonnado eh?

So there is really not going to be a thanksgiving at all for me this year, because not only will I be trying to get as much done in the house while I am by myself, I am also going to be working on the Thanksgiving Day. The way I looked at it is that it will give me another day off in lieu for when the baby comes. As much time as I can build up now the better.

Last night I went to The Tap and met up with Batman and Shrek. Batman happened to be town again for a bit again so it was nice to see him. They both also came over afterwards and we watched The Family Guy movie together. Good times. Speaking of Heroes.. Nightwing came by over last weekend and picked up his freezer. The only thing that sucks though .. is that I accidently left the basket out while I was defrosting it. Ooops.

I will try better to put more postings in here again.. but hey .. once in a while is better then never.


Maria said...

Who cares about you!
No turkey for Maria!

Gilly said...

What are you talking about? .. you weren't even going to the farm in the first place. What's stopping you from making a turkey?

Maria said...

ha ha that's funny.