Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy scary day

The weekend is over and now it is Halloween today. I wasn't really thinking this morning. I got up and came to work, and it was at work when I realized it was Halloween and I didn't dress up .. shit. Well.. let's go over the excitement we had this weekend.. shall we?

Friday Night: Pretty low key evening, not much excitement but a good thing was that Harley went to bed at a fairly decent time which gave us the opportunity to finally watch "Saw". Those of you who have seen it I am sure will agree.. that it is Halloween cinema at it's finest.

Saturday: I talked to Bill earlier in the week and he was goin to get the company truck so he could help me with picking up some lumber from Co-Op. Bill agreed to get the truck because otherwise it was going to be 25 bucks to have them deliver it. Now.. 25 dollars wouldn't be that bad if it was across town.. but it was only up the street a few block from where I live .. so .. I couldn't picture spending that much cash to deliver that. I would rather give the money to someone I know if I am going to be spending that much We purchased 7 - 14' 1"x3" primed mdf board that Leanne and I decided to use as baseboard because it was a hell of a lot cheaper than regular baseboard for the bedrooms. More than half the price. This would give us enough for the 2 kids bedrooms. Unfortunately he was not able to get the truck, but Wendy was nice enough to ask her dad if we could use his truck to move it. No problem. But there was a catch. (isn't there always a catch?). We had to move the marble that was in the back of his truck out and put it in their back yard. Now I thought. Hell no problem.. shouldn't be that bad.. but when I was thinking that.. I was thinking the marble pieces would have been like 15 to 17" long. you know .. like cindercrete sidewalk blocks.. Nooooooooo.. the were these HUGE pieces approx 8ft by 4ft and about and inch n half thick. It took 5 of us to move them. Thankfully their was only three of them. Wendy's bother originally got them from some a building that was being demolished downtown and thought it would be a good idea to use it for a countertop in his kitchen but he was not able to find anybody who would cut it to the appropriate size for him. I guess all the places looked at him like he was crazy. So.. Don (Wendy's dad) being the type a guy to not be able to throw anything away had them in the back of his truck for quite a while and decided to use them as "patio blocks" so he could put his bbq on there and so forth. I was thinking it could be pretty slippery .. but what do I know. Time will tell I guess.

So Don delivered the boards to my house and after that was done he decided to rototil my back yard for me. He was going to it earlier in the year but when it was planned it rained straight for a while and it ended up being to wet, and then we never set up a time again. He brought over this rototiller that used to be his dads probably from about 1952. It was a cool machine actually. The pull starter didn't work on it anymore, so he used a little electric motor and connected to the rototiller with a belt and run, and had the engine start with that, then switch the belt over when he got it running good. Unfortunate though, he ended up having trouble with keeping it running. This bothered him because he just did his own yard about a week ago with no problem. He was persistent though .. and worked for over an hour trying to get it running. He finally gave up .. and mentioned that he was going to bring his other one over the next day if the weather was good, but he didn't show up. I didn't expect him too. He did enough for me at the time.

Later in the evening Leanne, Harley and I, went to see Oma and Aunty. We played a game of dice together. Well not really Harley more or less played "it's raining dice" when it was his turn.

Sunday: Amy came over and we all went hard on Harland's room. We got the base boards in, plus we also did the baseboards in the hallway. Amy still scares me when she uses a saw. She is way more comfortable with that thing then I will ever be. She did however cut herself when the guard rail fell down on her finger. But that was ok. I had band-aids. Except it wasn't the brand "Band-Aid" band-aids .. they were something else. Elastoplast? .. something like that. Amy is so awesom in helping us out with this shit.. if she didnt we wouldn't be anywhere near being done. We all tossed harley around for the day and tried to keep him away .. actually when we started and he was taking his nap he slept write through the saw cutting the board. So I can't say he sleeps like a log .. because the saw couldn't cut through it.

The caulking didn't go a smooth as I originally planned though. I got my caulk all over the place. At least I got the caulk to fill the hole though. Leanne and Amy both tried my caulk as well and Leanne did a better job than I did.

We then moved Harland's stuff into the room and man was he ever excited. He especially likes the Hot Wheels boarder and light switch plate we put in there. First time he saw it he yell "AH!! CAR!! TWO CARRS!!" He slept pretty good for his first night. Though I think he was a little confused in the middle of the night because he came out running and he was in the kitchen crying and looking like he was lost. But when Leanne got him back to bed he zonked out like a stone.

Today, we are going to take harley out to the mall for trick or treating. It is easier that way for him and he gets a little freaked out when it is dark outside at the moment

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Aunty - spelled AUNTIE
Get my name right brother!

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I'd helped you with the should've asked...

Gilly said...

feel free to caulk me next week then ..