Thursday, October 06, 2005

ah to dream digitally

I would like to have a digital camera. I am sick of the piling up of pictures and nowhere to put them. At least with a digital camera, I can leave the pile of pictures on a disc and they are not flying everywhere. Then just print the ones I would want to have printed! .. hell it's that simple ... I am sick of paying money to develop pictures where the majority go into a pile and nearly get forgotten about. Or constantly having to look for the negative of one that you do want to print. It sucks. And I am not that much of a hardcore shutterbug to have all of that shit organized. So this christmas, I think I will have a digital camera on my list.

This album looks like it would be a great compilation to own. I must find it.

1 comment:

Maria said...

Well silly, stop taking pictures that you wouldn't want. Only take the good shots. It's quite easy my dear brother. Then you have all good pictures to put in albums.
You silly.