Tuesday, September 06, 2005

This last weekend was fairly fun packed.

Last Friday Night - Harley had his first date. We say that because that is what it ended up looking like anyway. We went to the Circus with Kyle, Ang & Eve. Their good friend Tara has connections with the circus people and she invited us to come along. It was a blast. Eve and Harley are good friends through daycare already. It was cute. When we got to the parking lot and let the kids out of the car, Eve and Harley went to each other and gave each other a big hug. Harley then took Eve's hand and they went walking to the circus with us. It was soo cute. I was ready puke I thought it was so cute. hahaha. Then if that wasn't cute enough they were sitting together for part of the circus and sharing popcorn. It was like a little first date. Totally awesome. Only two years old and Kyle is already having to worry about his daughter. hahaha.

Saturday/Sunday. - Since it was a three day weekend, I can't remember which was which, but we did go to a movie over the weekend with Bill and Wendy. Well actually just Bill because Wendy fell ill before we went to the movie. I guess she's sick of us. We saw Brother's Grimm. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit.. ahhh!! yes now I remember. That was Saturday, because we went to the fireworks for the celebration of Saskatchewan's birthday on the Sunday. or wait a min .. was that Saturday? .. hell I don't remember. The fireworks were good, but at this point right now I can't remember if I remembered them either.

Monday - I do remember that we did go to the farm this day through. And with the price of gas.. it was probably 30 bucks justs to go there and back. That is crazy. Jason's birthday .. and more cake for all.

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