Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sin City.. slow?

So my brother rented Sin City the other day and lent it to me to watch before returning it. He and his wife couldn't get into it. They said it was slow moving and didn't go anywhere.

Slow moving? Were they watching the same movie? Maybe they had it on freeze frame searching or something. Because it was defintely not slow moving.

It was one of the most action packed and violent movies I have ever seen! And the effects in the movie were simply astounding!!! And it also contained some of the most disturbing shit I have ever seen in a movie.

No wonder why I loved the movie. They hated it!


Butcher said...

The amazing part is that both of us liked the same movie.

Reverend C-Note said...

The film has a really unique look and feel to it as well. Megs and I got free passes to the preview from the Prairie Dog. The lineup for passes was crazy long....good thing we went an hour early. They were giving out Sin City lighters and condoms with the passes. Pretty hilarious. Anyway, back to the movie.... slow? SLOW? HUH? Did they just watch the opening credits and then shut it off?

Maria said...

Big surprise.
I just can't wait to see it.

I could tell that it was a "Gil Movie" as soon as I saw the trailer the first time.


Gilly said...

yeah .. and your opinion of movies is golden. ... oh yeah right .. if it's not on TV .. it's not worth watching.

Dick said...

I like it when guys spit out pee.

Maria said...

All I meant was that I knew that you would love the movie, so there wasn't any point for me to see it because I probably wouldn't like it. Since that's the way it's been going lately with us. So why should I even waste my time with it?

Gilly said...

It's just a shame to make an opinion of something before even watching it to make your own opinion. I never do that.

.. well .. unless if it stars Ben Assleck or Sandra Bullock.

.. oh and if maria likes it.

Gilly said...

** click **


pee.. golden..


Maria said...

Yes Gil.
I hate to admit it but you are right. I usually like to see something for myself and make my own opinion. So let me rephrase what I said before.
I am not interesting in seeing Sin City. Not for awhile anyway. I could probably be convinced to see this movie WAY BEFORE a few others that you like.

Anyway, I'm glad that the pee comment clicked in for you. Now maybe you could explain it to me. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

P.S. What the hell is up with the word verification? How does that help you from keeping people you don't want to leave comments?

Gilly said...

The word verification is to help from automated spam attacking the comment board.

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M said...

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