Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Letter from Tony.

I recieved a letter from Tony and replied to him. I thought since I have not had a chance to blog in the last little while that I would uses that as my blog entery for today. Yes .. that can be cheating .. but why not?

Hey Gil:

What's up? What's New? What did you do this past weekend?

Cathy's Mother from Vancouver is here until tomorrow; she arrived last
Thursday. We have had a great visit, and she has had an amazing time.

I am doing 10 - 12 hours of homework today. I have no classes on Tuesdays,
but they will be filled with homework. Oh well, it will pay off in the end,

If you find out when Wallace and Grommit is playing at the theatre let us
know. As I said to Bill, it would be cool if we could all go together. We
just need a little advance notice to arrange for a babysitter, which I know
you can relate to.

You have to hear the new C'mon and Trick Woo CDs; I bought them from Dave,
and damn do they rock. The C'mon CD is full on analogue. It is one of the
warmest rock albums I have heard in years. Also, I have a copy of the Moog
documentary DVD coming via Dave. We will have to check it out when it


Hey man ...

what happend this last weeked.. hmm .. watched Crash. (the newer one with matt dillon) That was pretty cool. picked up the bass for the first time in the last however many years.. bought some paint from rona. slowing making prgress on moving all of leannes shit downstairs. so we can turn that into harleys room. Slow progress... but .. hey whatchagonnado.

I did hear you spin some of the tracks of tricky and cmon on your show last week.. you played something like 3 or 4 from each? .. yeah .. they sound pretty good. It would be nice to see them at the gaslight.. but I wont be able to go likely so .. I am trying no to think about it too much.

I will look into the wallace and gromit movie when I get a chance. yeah .. I think that would be cool to do it with everyone. .. fun shit and giggles all around.

How did you hear about this moog documentary? .. i like moogs .. I like documentarys.. so .. I probably would like that too!

I got a cool film from the library that I did not catch all of yet called. "Step across the border". It's like a improvisational musical documentary of Fred Firth. I have not watched it all yet. But from what I have seen so far is pretty cool. I also watched that Decasia film that you recommended (at least I think you did) it was pretty cool, but I found the music really painful. Made me feel nausaus like that pink floyd at pompei did .. haha.

well .. I guess I should go . I have all this database entry shit to do .. and it is starting to drive me batty .. but one of those necessary evils that have to get done.

I am going to the dentist tomorrow. .. Ick.


There ya have it. Also .. and an additional note, leanne and I was at Value Village last night and I picked up U2's "The Joshua Tree" on cd for 3 BUCKS!!! whee!!! .. I have not heard that album since my vinyl days. Gotta get me a turntable. .. ah .. not that it would matter for that album anyway. I think Hema bought that copy from me.

Listened To:
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Deep Forest - World Mix


Maria said...

Make sure you guys include me in the Wallace & Gromit outing!

~D~ said...

Did you check out their Halloween selection... its pretty cool

Maria said...


I've been reading this same blog entry for a week now. It's getting a little redundant. Why don't you change it?

Gilly said...

I have not change it yet because I have been preoccupied with other things. This also gives people more of a chance to bitch about the fact that nothing has been added to it. There is something that is special about this though .. it's almost artistic.

Maria said...

Special about what?....the bitching?...I wouldn't really call that artistic.

Gilly said...

opps .. I meant autistic

I always get those words mixed up!

Maria said...

I'm even more confused now.
How is it autistic?

Farnsworth said...

I dare say say young Gilbert has run out of things to Blog.

Tweedlebottom said...

Hmmmm...quite right.

Farnsworth said...

Tweedle, what say you and I head over to a more interesting Blog?

Tweedlebottom said...

Hmmm...yes. I dare say we do.