Friday, August 19, 2005

trippin' on KFC

There is something that irresistible about those 11 secret herbs and spices. My question is .. what is the addicting herb or spice that the Colonel puts in that.

Marijuana? .. Cocaine?

It's gotta be something like that.

Listened to:
Crash Test Dummies - The Ghosts Tjat Haunt Me


Dr. Thompson said...

It's the slow painful death by junk food that's so addicting.

Reverend C-Note said...

Whatever it is, it's pure evil.

Anonymous said...

I would say that it is the wonderful thing called MSG!

Maria said...

That is true!

It is MSG! I have a clone recipe for the extra crispy chicken and it says that KFC puts MSG in pretty much everything they make.

So there!

Amy said...

And here I thought they added Essence of Gil to make it so addictive.

That's to make up for not answering this morning when you came in to work.

Maria said...

Is the album title supposed to be; "The Ghosts the Haunt Me"?

or is it supposed to be; "The Ghosts That Haunt Me"?

Just wondering because the first one doesn't make much sense to me but sometimes album titles just don't make any sense. So it might be right. Let me know please.

Reverend C-Note said...

I think that Amy may have stumbled upon what makes GIL so addictive -- all the KFC he's eaten over the years. Those 11 herbs and narcotics flow through his veins so strongly that he has acquired the same addictive nature as KFC. Kavorka is no longer a mystery - it is the result of KFC's secret recipe. Everything makes so much more sense now!

Gilly said...

Well you know what KFC REALLY Stands for..

The Kavorka Fornication Co-operation

.. and yes maria ... you are right .. I will correct this .. thankyou..
.. hmm .. or was it "That Ghosts The Haunt Me"

Dirty Debbie said...

Hey, it's definetly marijuana.
The more you eat, the more you want.
And don't forget that Kraft is owned by Philip-Morris. They put nicotine in the Macaroni and Cheese. I'm convinced of it.

Anonymous said...
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Gilly said...

Whoa!! where the hell are all these spam postings coming from on my website.. I will delete them again. .. man .. if this keeps happening .. I may have to change some things on my site.

Anonymous said...

What is the secret in their recipe? What drugs do they really pump into them?

Here's the truth:

As a warning, it does contain violence so young people, the squeamish, and those at public places should not click this!

It's a real website site with many documents and videos about KFC.

It's so hard to watch what you eat these days...

Gilly said...

I refuse to be offended by your anonymous BS plug to your website. But I shall leave it because I am not a dink.

we all know about these places and it's no news.

Chicken is put on our planet to eat. That said.. I am going to have some KFC right now.

The people who run the kfcruelty website and PETA for that matter can go stick a fried piece of chicken in their ass for all I care.

Anonymous said...
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Maria said...


"The Ghosts Tjat Haunt Me"

Anonymous said...

@ Gilly.

Thank you for the link you provided. I did look over it (that small picture site) and the link it gave to the bigger anti-Peta. is not my site, nor do I know anyone connected to it. I just showed the site here because not many people are aware of what is done in some factories. You may have known but I didn't know that, now did I? :)

I realize this is going to turn into a 'left wing, right wing' (pardon the pun) debate and I really don't wish it to be. You have your right to eat and do what you wish and you accept the outcome.


Safe travels and good day, Gilly.

Gilly said...

When I was saying your website. I was not meaning that it was yours and it was your pride and joy. I was saying it was yours because you were talking about it. Kind of like in that same term as one would say. "Gotta watch my shows that are on TV"

Truth of the matter is if you really knew who I was .. you would know I really have no opinion on the matter. There is a left opinion and there is the right. But truthfully .. I really don't care. I agree with the fact that it is horrible on how the chickens are treated at the mass industries and it would be nice that all of them were bred in open spaces in the farming community but unfortunately you get caught by the supply and demand demon. Which makes is harder to keep the demand for these places to feed fat bastards like myself. In a perfect world it would be awesome to have more farms like my own family raise thier own chickens. But at the same time I am not going to pay 69.95 for a 5 piece meal.

I shall die at 40 with a drumstick in my mouth