Tuesday, August 16, 2005

That Kicks Axe!!

Bill and Wendy came by last night with an DQ ice cream treat!! Why did they do such a thing you ask? .. well that was because I asked them to. Leanne and I were originally thinking of going out doing that but Leanne was not feeling so shit how so we decided to stay at home. Bill gave me a gift as well. The CD release of Kick Axe's "Rock The World" I was blown away and in total awe. Why did I deserve such a fantastic gift? It is all that I have been listening to for today. It makes me wish I had the other albums on CD. All my stuff is on vinyl. Kind of hard to play records on a CD player I found out. I happened to find that out the hard way.

After work, Leanne, Harley and I went for a picnic at the RCMP sundown Ceremonies with Jackie, Trish and Izak. Harley did really good and had an awesome time. He was in awe when they set of the cannon going "Oooooo ... YAY!!!" and clapping and laughing. He did get a little crabby towards the end though, but it was understandable. He was not home all day since he was a the babysitters and probably had a fairly active day. He just had enough and wanted to go home.

I was listening the Tony and Bill's radio show tonight. They played a song for me. That was pretty cool of them. Unfortunately they didn't find the Kaiser Chiefs album as mind blowing as I did.

Difference of opinion is a beautiful thing though.

Listened To:
Kick Axe - Rock The World

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