Tuesday, August 23, 2005

So .. what happened over the last weekend..

Last Friday night - Well Leanne and I have now joined the cell phone club as well. We wanted to get one since she is pregnant and all .. and the more we looked into it and the prices of how much it costs and so forth.. we decided to get one each. Now we have the ability of unlimited calling between each other as well, which is a nice thing. It has already come in handy. Comfort is a small price to pay. And of course we were like 2 little school kids that evening. We talked on the cells to each other for 45 mins just so we can wear out batteries out to give it a full charge that evening.

Saturday - Went out for breakfast with Mom, Maria, Bonnie, Bill, Wendy (with Leanne and Harley of course) to the usual place .. a big family outing!! .. Bill and Wendy invited us to go out and see Valiant that evening. It was the 5 of us to go (Bill, Wendy, Maria, Leanne and myself) but at last min Leanne and Maria decided to go see Skeleton Key (not the band) instead. It was the first time in history where Leanne and I went out together to a movie .. and didn't see a movie together. Weird huh? I enjoyed Valiant alot. I recommend it to all. Afterwards, Bill, Wendy and I participated in the "Oral Cup" Table Hockey Tournament. Bill still has not given me that blow-job.

Sunday - Went out to the farm and had quite a good time as usual. The day consisted of taking Harley out on the quad when I first got out there, then we came in and I crashed slept for about a half hour before lunch while Harley played with the boys. Then we had lasagna for lunch, pumpkin pie for dessert .. mmmmmmmm...Afterwards I went out with Dad and Jason to the field as the prepped the machinery for harvest, combined a bit and then went to another farm with them to test how ready the wheat was. (could have been durum. not sure.. not that wise to that shit.) When we came back, Jason and Dad continued combining while Leanne, Lori and I took the boys to the Truax park for ice cream. I of course had pistachio nut. .. Harley wore chocolate peanut butter. When we got back from there, Leanne and Lori went to go pick up a cow that was butchered as I stayed back and took Harley for another quad ride and messed aboot with the cows and horses. I wish they still had chickens. I miss them. Leanne and Lori came back with the meat. We devided it up between the 3 families and had dinner. Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes.. and those yummy marshmallow things for dessert. Leanne and I came home with quite an amount of meat. I was first worried that we weren't going to get it all in the freezer. But we did. Now I got ground beef coming out of my ass!!

Oh yeah!! - I didn't mention that I had a surprise visit last week as well!!! Glenn, my old value village work mate came by for a surprise visit last Thursday night. Hell I haven't seen that bastard for 7+ years!! .. it was a good visit. He is staying in Grenfell and has been there for the past month or so taking care of his dad. Hell if he would have gotten in touch with me just a little earlier, he could have came to BATB and reminisced with all of us! .. Hopefully I can get some of my comrades back together and see him again in the next week or so.

Well that was the last week in a nutshell.

Listened to:
V/A Compilation - Lungcovers
Merle Haggard - Roots Vol. 1
Ron Sexsmith - Retriever


Butcher said...

Where's Debbie?

Maria said...

How come they don't have chickens anymore?

Gilly said...

Because the jerks at PETA came and took them away because they were being to cruel to them.

Maria said...

ha ha ha