Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Root Canal pt.3

A little while ago I received an estimate of how much my root canal with the crowning will cost. I nearly crapped my pants. The total came to 1408.50. (That is not even including the lab fees yet) My dental plan covers 100% of most of it .. but only 50% for the crowning and posting. Which means it will still cost me 400 dollars. HAHAHAHA!! I don't have 400 dollars. The dentist is sure going to be sad when I tell them: "Well thanks for your care and attention.. but I am not going to be getting a crown done. Just fill the hole with cement thank-you. Sorry . .I guess you are now not going to get that 27" TV for your bathroom now."

Man .. I should have been a dentist. That's where the money is.

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Butcher said...

I would ask them "what part of, I have no MONEY, didn't you hear at the beginning of all of this"? "Fill the hole in with some wood filler so I can get out of here"


Reverend C-Note said...

The entire health industry is a big racket. Go look at the prices of drugs, and especially "health products" such as food or drinks or equipment. It's like, "if we say this is good for your health, we can charge you 1000% of the regular price of this item".

Maria said...

Amy said...

If you talk to anyone in the medical profession, you get a different story. My mom is a nurse, she's always telling me how much drugs actually cost for people who don't have free health care. I'll be the first to admit that they're overpriced, but at least we don't pay the full cost of the drugs.

Dental stuff is another matter. Anyone can drill a hole while you're all drugged up and charge you a lot of money. I'll do it for you for a chocolate bar.

Gilly said...

hmmm ... that seems liks a good deal.
1. What kind of chocolate bar do you want.
2. What kind of drugs do you have?

Mike said...

I've always been direct with dentists. I had a dentist who told me all four of my wisdom teeth had to come out right away or I would be faced with a lot of problems in 3-6 months. That was 12 years ago and I still have those wisdom teeth but a different dentist.

However while I was still going to that dentist he kept bugging me about my wisdom teeth until I looked him straight in the eye and asked him:

"Are you looking to pay off your boat or upgrade to a new one?"

He never bothered my about my wisdom teeth again.

My current dentist and I have an understanding - unless I complain about my wisdom teeth or he really does see something wrong, we don't mention removing them.