Friday, August 05, 2005

Root Canal Pt.1

So I went to the dentist last tuesday.

They decided it would be good to put me on laughing gas (to help calm me down) since I was going to get a root canal. It was pretty cool. They had me snorting that shit for a while and then I suddenly felt heavy and light at the same time. It was pretty bizarre. When he gave me my first needle for the freezing he didn't even tell me that he was going to do it and was massaging my gums and asking me if I felt anything uncomfortable. Before I knew it he already gave me the first needle. I did feel a little pinch of the second needle, but it was nothing. I felt like saying .. ah hell .. give me some more of that gas. I enjoyed it lots and lots. That is until the he put this rubber thing around my mouth to keep from pieces of teeth flying all over into the sides of my . When they had that on .. I suddenly started to feel really hot.. and nauseous .. and memories of the dentist that I had when I was a kid started to come flying right back.. It freaked me out. I put up my hand and the doctor as fast as he could whipped the gas mask and rubber cover thing off and got me a glass of water. I needed to go to the bathroom because I didn't know whether I was going to shit or puke. I got up and started to walk down the hallway all dizzy and shit and stumbled my way to the bathroom. Whipped my pants off and sat down on the cool toilet, while I was "backwards hugging" the toilet tank. Aahhh .. that feels better .. ahh.. mmm .. cold porcelain. You never let me down. During this time the dentist rapped on the door a couple of times to makes sure I am ok. I think the first time he checked me, I probably responded more like a drunk Ukrainian on a drinking binge .. but I was better the second time.

I came out of the bathroom and I was ready to continue on. The dentist nearly refused because he didn't want me to pass out again .. and possibly have to call the paramedics on me. I was telling him .. "NO .. I am positive .. the worst it over now!! I just had some freaky flashbacks about my old dentist when I was a kid. There will be no problems whatsoever." .. So he was .. ok .. only if you are sure..

I get in the chair, take some deep breaths. and he continued on with "Root Canal - Pt.1". He drilled it all out and then let the tooth drain. Put some medication in there and then put a temporary filling on it. It was pretty decent. Actually the after math was less of a pain in the ass then when I had a tooth pulled out.. and I wish I would have saved my last one that way.. but then again. At that time .. I didn't have any dental benefits and I was just going with the cheapest route at the time.

All in all .. it was a good experience. (except for the almost fainting part) And it makes me feel more comfortable about dentists now. I had no pain at all throughout the procedure. Sweet.

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Maria said...

Yeah, my root canal went pretty good too. Then 14 years later when I got a crown put on the same tooth, that went pretty well also. Piece of cake, just a little pressure.

When do you go to the dentist again?

Gilly said...