Saturday, August 13, 2005

McAloo Tikki

My friend Gord went to India for a business trip. To my surprise he brought me back an official wrapper for the McAloo Tikki Burger. Fried breaded potato & peas patty that is flavored with a special spice mix, fresh tomato slices, onion, and veg. tomato mayonnaise between toasted buns. Mmmmmmm...fried breaded potatoes and peas!!.. whats not to love about that!! ....He said it was pretty crappy. He took like two bites and then threw the rest of it away. He purposely went there for my behalf. God bless him.

Next time .. I will make sure the gets me a Chicken Maharaja Mac.... tee hee heee..


Maria said...

Is that chicken thing for real?

Gilly said...

yup.. Click on it .. it's linked to the website.