Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It's a Girl!!

Currently weighing in at about 15 oz.. almost a full pound!! Is our daughter!!

Her legs were closed but from what the ultrasound lady could see and what we could see.. we all came upon the agreement that it was a girl because the legs were not actually crossed. From her experience, she sounded pretty positive, and she mentioned that she would go with the pink paint for the room. She also scanned that area pretty closely

This one was pretty cool too because we had the option to see the baby in "3D" as well .. and that is almost freaky how cool it was. The pictures that you see here don't do it justice from what we actually did see.

Call me weird, but it looks like it is more femine to me anyway. Leanne and I agree that it has higher cheekbones.

Listened To:
Kraftwerk - Computer World


Reverend C-Note said...

You've got one of each now, man!
Way to go!

Amy said...

One of each? He's only got 2 of the 3.

Gilly said...

That's true amy.

I feel for ya. It must be hard to be one of those.

Maria said...

I didn't need to know that.