Monday, August 29, 2005

I love paint

Another weekend has come and gone very fast. Quick update of activities.

Friday Night - Col and Meg came over for visits and Meg kicked our ass in "Scene It"
Saturday - Went for breakfast with Wendy and Bill to Smitty's. In the afternoon Wendy watched Harley so we can continue work on the house. Leanne and I got the hallway somewhat finished in the painting process of the walls.. Yay!! It feels good to finally get some more work done in the house. We also ripped out all of the shitty looking paneling in the back entrance. Then in the evening we all went to Home Depot to get some more stuff and then decided to go to Kelsey's since we were there. We made it easy for the waiter because we all ordered the same thing. Balsamic Chicken. mmmmmmmmm.
Sunday - Leanne went to work as I slaved over a hot stove all day and roasted chickens for supper. Bill and Wendy also came over for that. We planned it together a week ago as a deal since Wendy agreed to watch Harley as we work on the house... and they were still a hour and a half late!!

Realmente he estado molestando a mi hermana con las respuestas alemanas del email. Ella conseguía bastante enojada sobre él. Pensé tan que la haría feliz contestando en español en lugar de otro.


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